Ocicat Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

The Ocicat cat, with its exquisite features that mirror the wild Ocelot, has been the most loved among cat keepers over the years. The Ocicat’s appearance, personality, and self-confidence make him a breed that is unique among cats.

1: History of the Ocicat Cat

The story of the genesis of Ocicat cats dates back to 1960 when Virginia Daly, a feline of Michigan domesticated cats, intended to reproduce a cat breed that looks like the wild Ocelot. The Ocicat breed culminated as a result of thorough breeding by Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair Cats. Daly, the individual who developed the breed accomplished this task. In the end, a perfect cat emerged with a glorious spotted coat and had a very cozy temperament.

2: Ocicat Cat Personality

They are quite friendly. These cats have a strong attachment to human beings. They are often called to be friendly and outgoing. The amiable nature of the Ocicat means that it favors households that are affectionate and attentive and that will engage it in play and interaction daily. They have unmatched intelligence, and like being challenged in it. They are playful by nature and capable of holding interactive conversations. It is this and other delightful qualities that make them ideal for families, lone individuals, and social groups.

Ocicat Cat

3: Ocicat Cat Price

Prices overall placed on an Ocicat cat depend on the pedigree, coat colors, and reputation of the breeder. Typically, Ocicat kittens from reliable breeders fall within the range of $500 to $1500. Rubies bred to emulate champions and show their best characteristic coat tips will be sold at higher prices. It is a must to conduct exhaustive research and pick a responsible breeder to ascertain that you get an undamaged and socially tolerable kitten.

4: Ocicat Cat Lifespan

With proper feeding and good care, the Ocicat breed can thrive and even live into their late teens. The lifespan of an Ocicat is usually between 12 and 15 years with the maximum lifespan for some cats going above 16 years. A well-balanced diet and regular veterinary checks can increase the life expectancy of your cat.

5: Ocicat Exercise

An Ocicat is full of joy of living which he is capable of using for play and movement. Therefore, he demands a lot of exercise, just to enrich the house life. Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and short-term play sessions in the form of training/playtimes can heighten their desire for mental and physical stimulation. Allowing toddlers to climb, hop, and roam up and down kitchen furniture also satisfies their innate nature.

6: Ocicat Shedding

Unlike breeds that have long hair which sheds a little more in fall and spring, Ocicats shed lightly all year round. Frequent grooming might result brush out the necessity of the least amount of pants and help keep the coat in good condition. This cat breed needs brushing once or twice a week with a soft-bristled brush too, to remove the loose fur and prevent hairballs. A balanced diet should be provided which has most of the necessary nutrients to keep the skin and coat.

7: Ocicat Grooming

Unlike longhairs, short coats of Ocicat cats can be taken care of by ordinary brushing. Besides brushing, rinsing off occasionally can be useful in removing unwanted oil and grunge would be gone from their fur. It is important to wash their coats with a mild cat shampoo and rinse them to avoid skin irritation. Monthly nail trimming and daily ear cleaning to prevent nail ingrowths or ear infections.

8: Ocicat Care

Keeping your Ocicat well requires that your cat fulfill their physical, behavioral, and social requirements too. This means supplying the animal with nutritious food, frequent veterinary care, and significant practice access for games and play. Moreover, good advice here is to try to create a safe and fun place for your Ocicat to play and enjoy being a pet.

9: Ocicat Health Problems

In general, Ocicats are a healthy breed where they face very few genetically transmitted ailments. Similarly, to other cats, in addition to dental issues, they may be prone to obesity and UTI cases. Commonly recommended veterinary checkups and preventive measures help to identify and manage health issues, making your lovely Ocicat family member live a long and happy life.

10: Ocicat Cat Breeds

Explore these Types

  1. Chocolate Ocicat: They are closely related to the wild-like, miniature tigers on account of the glossy and shimmering coat in a light brown shade.
  2. Cinnamon Ocicat: Their cinnamon-colored coat makes Cinnamon Ocicat pleasant to all cat lovers, who would like to welcome it.
  3. Blue Ocicat: What characterizes this breed is its striking blue-gray fur making Blue Ocicats a pattern that attracts a lot of attention.
  4. The silver Ocicat: The Silver Ocicat is an astonishing sight to behold, with a silvery-metallic coat that glistens in the sunlight and incapacitates eyes.
  5. Cougar Spotted Ocicat: Spotted Ocicat is a breed of cat that has distinct spots that resemble the markings of wild Ocelot cats.


How much is an Ocicat cat?

Prices overall placed on an Ocicat cat depend on the pedigree, coat colors, and reputation of the breeder. Typically, Ocicat kittens from reliable breeders fall within the range of $500 to $1500. Rubies bred to emulate champions and show their best characteristic coat tips will be sold at higher prices.


The Ocicat, a fabulous and beautiful breed of cat, earns its name through its appearance, friendly nature and playful disposition. It can be their stamping pattern coat or their friendly cat. Ocicats are a great animal to consider as a companion to anyone who is a cat lover. A little thought and attention to your Ocicat pet’s needs will provide you with many years of enjoyment and small moments of happiness.

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