Maine Coon Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

This Maine Coon cat breed or sometimes “gentle giant”, is famous due to its awesome size, furry tufts on its ears and long flowing coat. These cats are not only good-looking and pleasant to watch but also have a friendly, cheerful character that makes them great pets nearly in any house.

1. History of the Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat’s origins are veiled in mystery and clouded with legends. One widespread tradition holds that bushy-tailed cats are the offspring of a union between domestic feline and raccoon. On the other hand, a more plausible and widely accepted theory of its source involves seafaring explorers in 19th century.

The story goes that seafaring men brought their long-haired cats to the New England region where they bred with short-haired local cats resulting in what became known as Maine Coon. They could adapt well to the tough climate of the northeastern United States and eventually gained popularity over time.

2. Maine Coon Characteristics

2.1. Size and Appearance

Male Maine Coon can weigh between 13-18 pounds and the females have bushy ears, tufted fluffy tails as well as thick hair on their paws.

2.2. Coat

Maine Coons have very pretty waterproof coats that come in many colors and patterns. They have thick and soft hair and a ruff of fur around their neck making them look even more royal.

2.3. Eyes

Other distinguishing features of the Maine Coon are large, impressive eyes. There are multiple colors seen; often the shades of green, gold or copper prevail.

3. Maine Coon Cat Personality

Maine Coons are not only appreciated for their physical features, but also they have amiable and sociable personalities. These cats are known as smart, inquisitive and flexible. They usually establish deep relationships with their human owners and are great pets for families.

Maine Coon

4. Maine Coon Cat Price

A Maine coon cat price could vary greatly depending on their pedigree, breeder reputation or age. In Ohio, you can purchase a Maine Coon kitten for around $800 to $2,000. Some show-quality or special patterns may also command higher prices.

Regardless, the initial cost is not only something to be considered by potential owners but also other ongoing items that should be budgeted like food grooming and veterinary care.

5. Maine Coon Cat Lifespan

Maine Coon cats live longer than most cat breeds. 12 to Sometimes pets such as these house cats can even live up to Pet owners, who also love tending after kitty and puppy.

6. Maine Coon Exercise

Maine Coons is usually big, but lively and energetic. They will remain both mentally sharp and physically sound if playing frequently, using only interactive toys. Playing with your Maine Coon will also assist you in deepening the connection that exists between yourself and this animal.

7. Maine Coon Shedding

Maine Coons have a dense double coat that needs regular grooming to reduce hair loss. Brushing their fur a few times per week helps to ward off mats and minimizes the amount of loose hair floating around in your house. Particularly, you should pay special attention to their dense undercoat especially when changing seasons.

8. Maine Coon Grooming

Maine Coon grooming is of great importance. As part of their grooming routine, they must brush regularly; and keep themselves clean by trimming nails and checking ears for any signals of infection. By participating in these activities early on, your Maine Coon will get used to the grooming routine.

9. Maine Coon Cat Health Problems

Maine Coon cats are generally healthy, but they may develop some diseases including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-heart disease and hip dysplasia. Health can be maintained through regular health checkups and the right nutrition.

10. Maine Coon Cat Breeds

Maine Coon cats can be of solid colors, tabbies and bi-colors. Each of them strengthens the charm that this breed possesses. Reliable breeders develop several color lines and allow potential owners to choose a Maine Coon that corresponds with their preferences.


How much is a Maine coon cat?

In Ohio, you can purchase a Maine Coon kitten for around $800 to $2,000. Some show-quality or special patterns may also command higher prices.

How big is a Maine coon cat?

Height of Male Maine Coons is 10 to 16 inches at shoulders, while females height is 8 to 14 inches.

How much does a Maine coon cat weigh?

Male Maine Coon can weigh between 13-18 pounds while females weigh between 8 to 12 pounds.


The Maine Coon cat is not just a cat but rather an elegant and affectionate pet for any family. All of these cats have rightfully deserved their place among the most popular breeds due to their illustrious history, and charming personalities. If you are thinking about adding a Maine Coon to your home, make sure that love and care plus now and then playfulness with your fun-filled furry sidekick is pleasant.

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