Korat Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

Korat Cat is also called the “Garfield cat” due to its singing blue coat and large captivating green eyes, which are typical for this breed. This breed is a medium build dog, strong-muscled with also an aristocratic air. Historically, Korats originate in Thailand.

1. History of the Korat Cat

The Korat cat can be traced back to ancient Siam (modern Thailand), where these cats were considered symbols of luck and wealth. These cats were priceless gifts, a symbol of mutual goodwill between the kings and noblemen. The first mention in Western literature we can find on the Korat is from the mid-14th century.

2. Korat Cat Personality

The very unique trait of the Korat cat is its affectionate and social disposition. Such cats enjoy being with humans and develop close relationships with their owners. They are playful and high-spirited, Korats prefer playing with interesting toys that can keep them engaged. They are very friendly makes them the perfect choice for families, and will have good relationships with other pets.

Korat Cat Breed

3. Korat Cat Price

A Korat cat may prove to be a great investment, however one must know the associated costs. The Korat costs about $500 to $2k based on the reputation of the breeder. It is important to select a reliable breeder.

4. Korat Cat Lifespan

Korat cats are famous for their long life span. Provided the reasonable feed and healthy rearing, these cat friends have 15 to 20 years of their lives. Checkups with a vet, an appropriate diet and an enriched environment help them stay healthy longer.

5. Korat Exercise

Regular exercising is necessary for maintaining the happy and healthy state of your Korat cat. Interactive play, climbing structures and toys that heighten their instincts are highly appreciated by these active cats. Such activities designed to stimulate their hunting behaviors can prove both convenient and enjoyable for these intelligent cats.

6. Korat Shedding

Another benefit of owning a Korat cat is their low-shedding nature. Their smooth, short fur only needs a little bit of grooming to keep it in good condition. Although they lose a few hairs, frequent grooming ensures that the loose hair is minimal and keeps their coat glossy.

7. Korat Grooming

When it comes to grooming, Korats are relatively low-maintenance. In most cases, a weekly brushing session is enough to remove the stray hairs and leave their coat shiny. Furthermore, frequent nail trims, ear cleaning and dental care are also part of their overall health.

8. Korat Care

A Korat’s welfare requires a balanced diet, annual veterinary visits, and an engaging environment. These cats do well with routine, and they like an environment that is comfortable and controlled. They require social interaction to be happy, so it is very important that when taking care of your Korat you spend enough time with them.

9. Korat Health Problems

Although Korat cats are relatively healthy, they tend some genetic conditions. Health issues can be reduced with proper breeding practices and regular veterinary care. Dental problems are one of the most common concerns; therefore, they should consider focusing on dental care.

10. Korat Cat Breeds

Among Korat cats, different types may differ a little in appearance. It is a fascinating voyage for cat lovers these types might have their charms and characteristics as each one has.


How much is a Korat Cat?

A Korat cat may prove to be a great investment, however one must know the associated costs. The Korat costs about $500 to $2k based on the reputation of the breeder. It is important to select a reliable breeder.


This cat is not just unique by its outward appearance but also due to its tolerant nature. Whether you are attracted by their antiquity, lack of attention to taking care of them or the entertainment these cats bring into any house. This cat is certainly an inevitable part of a family. To make a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with these amazing cats, putting effort into understanding their different characteristics and giving them the right care will be beneficial.

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