Javanese Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

The Javanese cat is often confused with the Balinese due to their similar heritage, making a unique look for this breed. These medium-sized cats are decorated with opulent, and silky coats, luscious blue almond eyes a plume-like fluffy tails that do the topper off. Famous for their vocal and talkative characters, Javanese cats are ideal companions to an individual who wishes a feline partner whom they can interact with.

1. History of the Javanese Cat

The Javanese cat traces its origins to the Siamese breed and shares lineage with Balinese and Colorpoint Shorthair. As a result, the appearance of Javanese cats has been bred for fine features and their history is linked with Siamese cats brought into America in the mid-20th century. With the passage of time selective breeding resulted in Javanese breeds with long and silky coats having distinct color points.

2. Javanese Cat Personality

Javanese cats are famous for being friendly and sociable. They are social pets and easily develop close relationships with their keepers. These instead are social butterflies that love to be the center of attention and will gladly pull stunts just so their human audience is entertained. Known for their intelligence and curiosity, Javanese cats tend to investigate their environment with a strong sense of grace.

Javanese Cat

3. Javanese Cat Price

Caring for a Javanese cat has its issues, and prices can differ depending on the breeder’s reputation, the lineage of cats from generations before it and quality. A typical cost of a Javanese cat is between $800 and 2,000$. It is essential to investigate ethical breeders who put the health and welfare of cats first.

4. Javanese cat lifespan

As for Javanese cats, they are typically strong and hearty with an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. Supporting general health, a healthy nutritional balance and regular veterinary visits to an environment filled with love can ensure that your Javanese friend may live long into its prime.

5. Javanese Exercise

Although Javanese cats are not as active compared to some breeds, they still need play and regular exercise. Physical play can also meet their need for playing by using interactive toys, climbing structures, and engaging activities. Scheduling daily play sessions to be interactive will not just maintain their physical fitness but also exercise the cerebral power of these children.

6. Javanese Shedding

The coat that Javanese cats possess is semi-longhair and therefore requires daily care to reduce the amount of hair shed. Though these cats are known for their fabulous fur, they shed less than other long-haired breeds. Brushing their coat every few days helps eliminate mats and gets rid of loose hair – keeping your cat and home looking pretty clean.

7. Javanese Grooming

One of the most important things in providing care for Javanese cats is grooming. They have a silky coat that needs frequent combing to retain its shining look and avoid matting of the hair. Regular nail trims, ear cleaning and dental care should be included in their grooming. Building a grooming routine from the beginning will ensure this process becomes stress-free for you and your Javanese friend.

8. Javanese Care

Raising a Javanese cat requires the provision of quality food, frequent visits to the vet and an enriching environment. These social cats live their best lives when they interact with other human beings and it is therefore important to keep them happy by ensuring that your attention remains on her/him. They watch over their health, take prompt action to address any issues that may emerge and keep the living space clean to ensure optimal well-being.

9. Javanese health problems

Although quite healthy, Javanese cats are claimed to be predisposed to some genetic diseases such as HCM and dental abnormalities. Regular veterinary evaluations and a balanced diet can help reduce the possibility of particular health issues. Responsible breeding strategies also significantly contribute to lower risk of hereditary conditions.

10. Javanese Cat breeds

Different color points and patterns also determine the type of a Javanese cat family, which includes several types. Some of the notable types include:

Traditional Colorpoints:

Featuring some of the classic color points that are associated with Siamese cats namely seal, chocolate blue and lilac.

Mink Colorpoints:

With a variant of the classic Siamese color points that are less harsh.

Sepia Colorpoints:

Demonstrating softer color segments making a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


How much is a Javanese Cat?

A typical cost of a Javanese cat is between $800 and 2,000$. It is essential to investigate ethical breeders who put the health and welfare of cats first.


The Javanese cat has a very appealing nature and attracts many people because it is just the right combination of beauty and friendliness. Their intriguing history, their adorable nature and peculiar breeds merit the Javanese cats as nice pets. But before inviting one into your house, ensure you are ready for the responsibility and joy that these delightful felines bring to those lucky enough to have them in their lives.

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