Japanese Bobtail Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

Japanese Bobtail Cat is the mutated gene that determines the Japanese Bobtail’s characteristic short tail. These cats are very sleek with a medium-sized bodies, triangular faces and large attractive eyes. Their coats vary in color and pattern, which makes this breed a pretty picture.

1. History of Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail cat is a heritage from Japan and dates back centuries. In Japanese traditions, these cats are considered a symbol of good luck and wealth. They crept into Japanese folklore. They were portrayed as assistants of “bakeneko” (“nekomata”) with their bizarre and cute personalities attracting cat lovers worldwide.

2. Japanese Bobtail Cat Personality

One of the most remarkable traits of Japanese Bobtail cats is that they are very friendly and sociable. These cats are famed for having close relations with people and they easily tend towards being lovey-doveys as well as smart. They get along well with people and other animals so are perfect for families.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

3. Japanese Bobtail Cat Price

What has to be addressed when you decide to have a this cat in your house is the cost. The cost of a cat could be different due to the pedigree, age and breeder`s popularity. The mean cost for a this cat lies between $500 and 2К. It is always important to find a reliable breeder if you wish for your furry friend to be in the best of health.

4. Japanese Bobtail Cat Lifespan

The Japanese Bobtail cats live longer than most other cat breeds. Their average lifespan is 13-15 years. You can ensure a healthy and positive life for your Japanese Bobtail friend with an appropriate kibble, regular visits to the vet clinic as well as love and affection.

5. Japanese Bobtail Exercise

Activity is a vital component of every cat’s health, and this applies also to Japanese Bobtails. They love interactive play and toys that challenge their physical as well as mental capabilities. A normal playtime helps them sustain a healthy weight and grow closer to you.

6. Japanese Bobtail Shedding

Japanese Bobtails do shed, but their grooming doesn’t necessitate a daunting amount of time. They also have short to semi-long coats that should be brushed regularly to reduce shedding and prevent knotting. doing quality cat brushes and regular grooming would also take care of the coat of your Japanese Bobtail.

7. Japanese Bobtail Grooming

The most important part of keeping a Japanese Bobtail cat is grooming. These cats also require nail trims, ear cleaning, and dental care beyond normal brushing. Creating a regular grooming schedule as early in your cat’s life helps him get used to the practice, thus transforming it into something that both you and your kitty love.

8. Japanese Bobtail Care

Caring for the Japanese Bobtail includes provision of quality feed, periodic medical tests and an environment that provides mental stimulation. These felines are very interactive and need a lot of playtime to ensure that you enjoy some great moments with your cat. Further, having access to clean water and a pleasant sleeping space also helps maintain their healthy state.

9. Japanese Bobtail Health Problems

As a whole healthy, Japanese Bobtail cats can be particularly predisposed to some health problems. Some of these are urinary tract complications and genetic disorders. Regular veterinary visits and a balanced diet play an important role in both preventing health issues that might arise, as well as taking care of potential ones to guarantee your cat is healthy for many years.

10. Japanese Bobtail Cat Breeds

Among the Japanese Bobtail cats, there are several breeds with specific attributes. The most well-known varieties include the Mi Ke with a tri-color coat and Yamaneko for her wild look. By studying these types you can choose a this cat breed that has all your favorite features and suits your itinerant lifestyle.


How much is a Japanese Bobtail Cat?

The cost of a cat could be different due to the pedigree, age and breeder`s popularity. The mean cost for a this cat lies between $500 and 2К. It is always important to find a reliable breeder if you wish for your furry friend to be in the best of health.


The Japanese Bobtail cat is an adorable and rare breed that has interesting characteristics. Regardless of the appreciation they bestow by their cute appearance, friendly attitude or unbridled playfulness, these cats are excellent companions for those on the lookout for a cat accompaniment. When thinking of getting a Japanese Bobtail into your house, take the cat’s price point with its life span and such parameters as exercise needs or grooming requirements on board to guarantee that you have all the necessary conditions for good-quality living.

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