Egyptian Mau Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

The Egyptian Mau cat distinguishably appears to commend this exceptional breed which spots a striking spotted coat, large green eyes and lean stature. Characteristic of agility, this cat displays ‘the sign of M’ on its forehead and when you are lucky enough to have your life shared with it then that grace is noticeable. These cats are not only pets, they represent a connection to ancient civilization, which emerged from Egypt.

1. The history of Egyptian Mau Cat

Egyptian Mau has an interesting history that goes back to ancient Egypt. They are thought to have been venerated and even worshipped by the Egyptians. Paintings and artifacts from the past show cats with speckled fur resembling modern Egyptian Maus. These cats eventually found their way to Europe and then the United States, where they were categorized as a breed by various cat associations.

2. Egyptian Mau Cat Personality

The Egyptian Mau’s personality is very distinctive. These cats are famous for their brightness, chaotically playful behavior and devotion to humans. They are usually very loyal to their owners and can be quite friendly. Moreover, their lively behavior aids them in being good hunters exhibiting instincts.

Egyptian Mau Cat

3. Egyptian Mau Cat Price

It is also imperative to remember the costs that come along with inviting an Egyptian Mau into your house. The prices for Egyptian Mau can differ depending on things like pedigree, breeder’s reputation and mating intent. The average price for a quality Egyptian Mau kitten is between $800 and $2k.

4. Egyptian Mau Cat Lifespan

A healthy Egyptian Mau can live from 12-16 years, with correct care and attention.

5. Egyptian Mau Exercise

Since they are dynamic, Egyptian Maus demand physical activity every day to remain healthy and happy. Interactive play, the presence of climbing structures and toys that stimulate their hunting instincts are great ways to keep them active.

6. Egyptian Mau Shedding

The shedding of Egyptian Maus is manageable because the breed has a short coat. Regular brushing is one of the many preventative steps that can be taken to reduce shedding and minimize hairball risks. Investing in a good quality brush and developing the habit of establishing grooming from an early age will help to create healthier fur, which is nothing but beneficial for your cat.

7. Egyptian Mau Grooming

The Egyptian Mau is easy to groom. In addition to routine brushing, occasional clipping and dental care are necessary. These cats typically have a liking for grooming sessions as it helps strengthen the trust between them and their owner.

8. Egyptian Mau Care

To ensure the healthy development of your Egyptian Mau, it is important to offer proper nutrition, visits to the veterinary clinic from time to time and an interesting atmosphere. It makes them socialize at a young age and calls for the cleanliness you support. A litter box is therefore essential in promoting good behavior as well as giving comfort to your cat.

9. Egyptian Mau Health Problems

Despite being considered generally healthy, Egyptian Maus are susceptible to some health issues that include periodontal disease and hereditary abnormalities. Early detection and the management of prospective problems depend on regular veterinary visits, as well as a proactive approach to their preventative health.

10. Egyptian Mau Cat Breeds

In the Egyptian Mau breed, there are types defined by coat patterns and colors. There are the silver-spotted, bronze-spotted and smoke variants. Every variation has its charm, which enhances the attractiveness of this beautiful cat.


The Egyptian Mau is not merely a domestic cat, it is a living embodiment of an ancient past. This breed still charms cat lovers with its fascinating nature and coat patterns. Knowing their heritage, respecting the special requirements of the breed and realizing a great variety inside this particular type are the main points allowing successful communication between people and awesome cats. Either the spotted gown of a beautiful Egyptian Mau cat or its cheerful nature is bound to attract you, and it certainly seems an interesting breed worth studying.

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