Bombay Cat: Price, Lifespan, and Unique Types

If you seek a feline friend oozing with enigmatic charm and beauty. Then the Bombay cat may be your perfect fit. We will discuss the origin of Bombay cats breed, personality traits characterizing these cats, the price tags they face, their lifespans, daily requirements for food intake, including activity levels, shedding habits, grooming efforts invested for proper upkeep, care tips, unique challenges, health problems and pedigree selective lines within the family. Let us explore the fascinating world of these graceful and classy felines.

Bombay Cat

Bombay cat which is known as “ Parlor Panther,” is a breed that stands for sophistication and enigma. Renowned for its glossy black fur and radiant gold eyes, this feline beauty is a delight to see. It has a strong, fast-moving body and exudes an uncommon air of majesty that distinguishes it from other breeds.

1. History of the Bombay Cat

The story of the Bombay cats starts in 1950s. When a select group wanted to breed an animal that looked like a mini black panther. Through selective breeding with sable Burmese cats and black American Shorthairs, the Bombay cat was produced as an individualistic yet popularly desired species. The Bombay cat has been recognized by the major breed registries and won many hearts ever since.

2. Bombay Cat Personality

With a warm disposition, Bombay cats are characterized as people-oriented and loving pets. These domestic cats like being family members and actively participate in all household activities. Bombay cats are very playful and affectionate which is why they can be nice pets for families as well as individuals.

Bombay Cat

3. Bombay Cat Price

The cost of buying a Bombay cat reflects the value associated with its distinguishing characteristics and desired heritage. Prices fluctuate according to different variables including lineage, reputation of the breeder and whether it is a pet or for breeding. On average, you should spend a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars on the Bombay cat in your home.

4. Bombay Cat Lifespan

If provided with quality care and attention, the lifespan of a Bombay cat will range from 12 to 16 years. All the characteristics of any other pet such as regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and a loving environment lengthen Bombay’s life.

5. Bombay Exercise

Bombay cats may look majestic, but they are playful and active. It is important that they have stimulating play sessions and interactive toys regularly so that not only do these pets lack a sense of mental fitness but also remain physically inactive. Interactive play keeps their physical state healthy, also strengthening the relationship.

6. Bombay Shedding

Despite the relatively short hair in Bombay cats, there is still a slight factor to consider. Regular brushing helps reduce shedding and keeps the coat smooth and silky. Your cat will reap the benefits of investing in a quality brush and practicing regular grooming but so too will your home environment.

7. Bombay Grooming

Grooming a Bombay cat is an enjoyable process. Indeed, such a short and black coat requires little grooming; however, to remove any loose hair that may shed off during the week or possibly to maintain their sleek shine weekly brushing is suggested. Moreover, nail clipping should be done in a regular manner along with ear cleaning and dental care as part of the comprehensive grooming plan.

8. Bombay Care

A productive environment for your cat requires something more than grooming. These essential aspects of care include providing a balanced diet, fresh water and an accessible place to relax. These cats are very affectionate and love human company, so giving them enough time to interact with us is vital.

9. Bombay Health Problems

Such health problems are typical for Bombay cats, as they share them with all breeds of pets. The regular veterinary check-up is important to identify and address the problem early enough. This statement also highlights the need for preventive health care as respiratory problems and dental issues are common among Bombay cats.

10. Bombay Cat Breeds

To the Bombay cat family, some variations have different coat colors and patterns. Others may have slight variations in size or behavior. By looking into such types, it is possible to locate it that matches the flavor of future owners and their lifestyles


How to identify Bombay cats?

Identify Bombay cats by observing their sleek black coat, distinctive golden eyes, and muscular yet agile physique.

How much is a Bombay cat?

The cost of buying a Bombay cat reflects the value associated with its distinguishing characteristics and desired heritage. Prices fluctuate according to different variables including lineage, reputation of the breeder and whether it is a pet or for breeding. So, therefore the price usually around $100 to $1300.


This cat is a fascinating breed that melds beauty, levity and love. Both in its interesting history and personality characteristics, this canine companion is not a mere subsidiary. If you are a veteran cat lover or an amateur wanting to own and keep one, Bombay will fill your heart with its charisma for life.

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